Chatteris Airfield Weather

This is the computer generated forecast we use from the Met Office which provides a colour coded indication of what the weather might be doing for your skydive at Chatteris Airfield over the next 5 days.
Please refer to it just before travelling and check any emails, text or phone messages we may have sent you. If there are no messages it means we’re hopeful of some jumping taking place and look forward to seeing you bright and early as planned.


indicates a very good chance that Tandem Skydiving will take place.


indicates a reasonable chance that Tandem Skydiving will take place.


indicates it is unlikely Tandem Skydiving will take place.

Chatteris Airfield
01:00Clear Sky4 mph7 mphNW9 °C
04:00Clear Sky4 mph16 mphNW8 °C
07:00Sunny7 mph13 mphNW8 °C
10:00Sunny11 mph16 mphNW15 °C
13:00Sunny11 mph18 mphNW18 °C
16:00Sunny intervals9 mph18 mphNNW20 °C
19:00Sunny9 mph13 mphN18 °C
22:00Clear Sky4 mph9 mphNW13 °C
01:00Clear Sky7 mph16 mphWNW10 °C
04:00Clear Sky7 mph16 mphWNW8 °C
07:00Sunny intervals4 mph11 mphWNW10 °C
10:00Medium-level cloud4 mph9 mphWNW14 °C
13:00Sunny intervals7 mph13 mphWSW17 °C
16:00Medium-level cloud9 mph16 mphWSW19 °C
19:00Medium-level cloud7 mph11 mphSW18 °C
22:00Partly cloudy (night)4 mph9 mphWSW14 °C
01:00Partly cloudy (night)4 mph7 mphW12 °C
04:00Clear Sky4 mph7 mphW9 °C
07:00Sunny intervals2 mph7 mphSW11 °C
10:00Medium-level cloud4 mph11 mphSW15 °C
13:00Medium-level cloud7 mph18 mphSW18 °C
16:00Medium-level cloud9 mph18 mphWSW19 °C
19:00Medium-level cloud7 mph11 mphW18 °C
22:00Medium-level cloud4 mph9 mphWSW14 °C
01:00Medium-level cloud7 mph11 mphWNW13 °C
04:00Medium-level cloud7 mph9 mphWNW11 °C
07:00Medium-level cloud7 mph11 mphWNW12 °C
10:00Medium-level cloud7 mph13 mphWNW14 °C
13:00Medium-level cloud7 mph18 mphWNW17 °C
16:00Medium-level cloud9 mph16 mphWNW18 °C
19:00Light rain shower (day)7 mph13 mphNW17 °C
22:00Partly cloudy (night)7 mph11 mphWNW14 °C
01:00Medium-level cloud7 mph13 mphWNW12 °C
04:00Partly cloudy (night)7 mph11 mphWNW10 °C
07:00Sunny intervals7 mph13 mphW12 °C
10:00Sunny intervals9 mph18 mphW15 °C
13:00Medium-level cloud11 mph22 mphW17 °C
16:00Medium-level cloud11 mph22 mphW17 °C
19:00Light rain shower (day)9 mph16 mphWNW16 °C
22:00Medium-level cloud7 mph13 mphWNW14 °C
Station (352530) updated by met office: 21-May-2019 @ 0600
Status: cached 4 minutes, 9 seconds ago
Current time: 21-May-2019 @ 0738


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