Local Weather

  • Green – indicates a very good chance that Tandem Skydiving will take place.
  • Yellow – indicates a reasonable chance that Tandem Skydiving will take place.
  • Red – indicates it is unlikely Tandem Skydiving will take place.

Please remember though that this is a computer generated forecast from the Met Office which can change at any time. For this reason, and to give you the best chance of jumping, our contract requires us to provide all the services needed for you to make your jump irrespective of the weather and for you to attend irrespective of the weather. We therefore never cancel jumps and if you decide not to attend for your own reasons this must be at your own risk, unless otherwise advised.

AFF students can use the same table for deciding whether or not their jumps might take place, but should replace the maximum wind speed in the “Gust” column with 18mph.