Every one taking part in a Tandem Skydive will need to sign our eligibility forms 1 & 2 (as shown below) before being able to take part.
Please also note…
A The minimum age for Tandem skydiving is 16. There is no maximum age however in order to fulfil our duty of care we reserve the right to impose further conditions, or decline to make a jump altogether, if on the day we feel that an individuals physical or mental capabilities might have an effect on the safety of their jump.
B The maximum weight limit (clothed with shoes) for Tandem Skydiving is strictly 16 stone (102Kg). Anyone over 15 stone (95Kg) however (again clothed with shoes) will need to pay their instructor an extra £10 to cover the additional work load and wear and tear on equipment.
C Reasonable height to weight ratio and levels of fitness also apply – which please note, for safety reasons, are a little more stringent for women weighing over 13 stone (83Kg).

Forms 1 & 2 (as shown below) can be signed at the airfield on arrival, however…

Anyone unable to sign Form 1 (because they suffer from one of the listed medical conditions) will need to print off Form 3 and get it signed by their doctor before being able to take part and bring it with them on the day. It is also recommended that this is done before making a booking as refunds thereafter will only be available in accordance with our terms and conditions.
Anyone under the age of 18 will need to print off Forms 1 and 2 and get them signed by their parent or legal guardian to bring with them on the day.

Unfortunately if your paperwork is not in order on arrival you will not be allowed to jump!
Please therefore ensure everything is in order before travelling!