15,000 Feet Skydive

Our ultimate tandem skydive experience and the highest in the UK.
Prices start from £249
Available Weekends only

The Skydiving Experience
15,000 Feet Skydive

60s of freefall

Tandem Skydive Information

  • Altitiude Icon Jump altitude of 15,000ft (2.8 miles high!)
  • Freefall Icon 60 Seconds of freefall
  • Parachute Icon 5 minute parachute descent
  • Flight Icon 15 Minute flight Journey
  • Prices Icon Prices from £249
  • Available Weekends only

Crave an experience that pushes boundaries and redefines exhilaration? The 15,000ft skydive is your ultimate adventure. Imagine yourself safely connected to a certified instructor, soaring through the sky at nearly 3 miles above the stunning UK landscape. As the aircraft door opens, a rush of adrenaline surges – this is your chance to truly fly.

For a staggering 60 seconds, you’ll freefall at speeds of up to 125mph feeling as though your floating on the air. The world unfolds beneath you, a breathtaking tapestry of shimmering rivers, and distant towns. Witness the curvature of the earth, a humbling reminder of your incredible position. After the initial adrenaline rush, your instructor deploys the parachute, and a serene calm takes over. Descend for five minutes, soaking in the panoramic views and capturing memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t settle for ordinary – the 15,000ft skydive is an unparalleled experience waiting to be conquered. Take the first step towards an extraordinary adventure.

To make a 15,000ft jump, first book a 10,000ft jump in the normal way and then let us know your intentions when you attend the airfield. Your remaining £60 will be due just prior to your 15,000ft jump taking place – weather and other restrictions permitting. (Available weekends only.)


BOOK YOUR SKYDIVE BUY A VOUCHER Just £50 reserves your place! All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions shown in the T&C'S section at the footer of this page