10,000 Feet Skydive

Our traditional tandem jump experience that will leave you buzzing.
Prices start from £189
Available every day we're open

The Skydiving Experience
10,000 Feet Skydive

30s of freefall

Tandem Skydive Information

  • Altitiude Icon Jump altitude of 10,000ft (1.9 miles high!)
  • Freefall Icon 30 Seconds of freefall
  • Parachute Icon 5 minute parachute descent
  • Flight Icon 15 Minute flight Journey
  • Prices Icon Prices from £189
  • Available every day we're open

Ready to take the leap into exhilaration? Our 10,000ft skydive is the perfect introduction to the magic of freefall. After a comprehensive briefing and securely harnessed to your expert instructor, take flight and witness the world transform into a miniature masterpiece. As you ascend, feel the anticipation build – the vastness of the sky stretches before you, a breathtaking prelude to a fantastic adventure.

Launch yourself from the aircraft and experience the heart-pounding rush of 30 seconds of freefall at over 120mph. The wind roars in your ears as the ground rushes towards you – a patchwork of fields, forests, and winding roads. It’s an amazing experience, a rush you won’t forget. Soon, the parachute opens, and a sense of serenity takes over. Descend for five minutes, capturing stunning aerial views and truly appreciating your accomplishment.

The 10,000ft skydive is your gateway to the thrill of skydiving, offering an unforgettable adrenaline fix and breathtaking scenery. Take the first step towards an extraordinary adventure.


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