Wind Tunnel

Learn to body fly in our on-site wind tunnel. For your additional entertainment – only available to those taking part in our skydiving courses and friends attending with them who have paid a £12 daily entry fee!

A highly enjoyable activity allowing you to experience the sensations of free fall without actually having to jump out of an aeroplane!  Minimum age is 14.

wind tunnel skydivingThe purpose of the course is to introduce you to the art of body flying (which skydivers use in freefall) by working through the following training syllabus whilst flying in our on-site vertical wind tunnel freefall simulator.
North London Skydiving Centre is proud to be the only skydiving operation in the UK to offer on-site wind tunnel freefall simulator training.


Has received instruction on the basic principles of body flying.
Has demonstrated the ability to hold a still and controlled body position in the airflow, with minimal assistance.
Has demonstrated the ability to move up and down in the air column.
Has demonstrated the ability to move backwards and forwards in the air column.
Has demonstrated the ability to perform controlled 360° turns in the airflow in either direction.
Has demonstrated the ability to move from side to side in the air column.
Be warned though… it’s great fun and VERY addictive!


All Tandem Skydiving and AFF Level 1 Skydiving Course customers qualify for two free trial flights. Thereafter the charges are subsidised to
£3 per flight!

(N.B. To put this into perspective, other wind tunnel operators charge £15+ per flight for a similar experience – showing you just what a good deal this is!)

Each flight is equivalent to freefalling from about 13000 feet. Minimum two flights per participant per session.


The wind tunnel operates each day we’re open (between the hours of 11am and 5pm) as and when instructors are available – i.e. when they’re not skydiving.


Bookings can only be made by those present at the airfield on the day. If you wish to take part please add your name to the list held in reception immediately upon arrival. Names added after 10am will not normally be allowed to take part.

We always do our best to complete flights on the same day as jumps but please note this can never be guaranteed. The two events are also completely separate activities.


The tunnel can operate in almost all weather conditions.


Normal casual clothes such as jogging bottoms and trainers are ideal. Everything else is provided.