Tandem Skydiving

Since being introduced to the sport of British Parachuting in the early 1980’s Tandem Skydiving has become by far the most popular and safest form of introductory parachute jump available to first timers. It involves you being taken on a ‘full experience skydive’ by a fully qualified Skydiving Instructor using a parachute jump system specially designed and engineered to take two people.
When your turn comes to complete your first tandem jump the adrenalin will be flowing – but don’t worry your experienced Skydiving Instructor is literally right behind you looking after you all the way.Following a short pre-jump briefing, which takes about 20 minutes, you’ll kit up and board the aircraft as it ascends to an altitude of up to 15,000 feet. During this time you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the views and go through the final safety checks.

As you freefall through the air at 125mph high above the ground your mind will be buzzing! Free fall is a fantastic experience that is literally out of this world and impossible to describe – you just have to do it!

After freefalling for up to 60 seconds if jumping from 15,000 feet (or 30 seconds from 10,000 feet) your Tandem Instructor will deploy your parachute so that it opens at around 5,000 feet (about a mile up).

During the next five or so minutes you will float gently back to earth safely suspended under a fully open parachute, with your feet dangling in the air, having plenty of time to enjoy the unique all round views of the local area and beyond.

Just before landing you will ask you to adopt the position you were taught during training so that you land heels first with your feet out in front of you and your toes pointing upwards. Your Instructor will then control the parachute during the final stages of the descent and guide you to a safe landing.

Congratulations you have done it! You’ve just made your first tandem jump with our expert Skydiving Instructors at North London Skydiving Centre we guarantee it’ll be an experience you’ll never, ever forget!

You’ll have smile on your face for months!

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Your experience...

Our Skydiving Cambridgeshire base provides you with the opportunity to experience every aspect of British Parachuting on your very first tandem skydive including:
1Full training
2a freefall of up to 60 seconds
3a 5-minute parachute ride
4an experience of a lifetime
  •   Having checked the reviews, locations, prices and jump heights of what seemed like so many places North London Sky dive centre came out of top. The experience was booked for my friend’s 30th from the group, she said she’d love to do one and I...More

    thumb 25ziab

      What an experience! For someone who wasn’t too keen on the idea of skydiving I can’t reiterate how exhilarating this was, was 100% worth it. Shout out to the staff at North London Skydiving centre (especially Glen!) who were professional, reassuring and managed to me...More

    thumb Rwfk9619

      I can't possibly imagine a worst place than this. Waited 5 hours for nothing. On a weather forecast green. London to North London Skydiving Center travel cost on a Sunday = 100£ give or take. A short 15 sec video = 85£ and the tandem...More

    thumb Willam S
  •   This was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it. The instructors are very relaxed and help with confidence. I was a bit nervous but instructor made me feel very at ease. I would definitely do it again

    thumb c11rjs

      Such an amazing experience! The team at the airfield were helpful and friendly from start to finish and my instructor Kevin made it all fun and it felt very safe. How to get there We travelled from London to March station and took a taxi...More

    thumb malinrosenkvist

      Omg just the most awesome tandem skydive this place are so good I had chris as my jump master and he made me feel so at ease and helped make it the adventure. Facilities are good and all staff I encountered were lovely. Thanks guys

    thumb travelcherub
  •   I completed my first tandem skydive here in North London. The team who were there on the day were super friendly and able to explain all the required information in a way that I was able to easily follow. Sadly due to weather conditions (and...More

    thumb Ben M

      Went with my partner who had always wanted to do a skydive, the staff were brilliant, very friendly, answered all our questions, very professional but fun as well. My partner loved it and would definitely do it again, recommend these people to anyone who wants...More

    thumb Sheila-Chris

      What an amazing day, one of the best experiences in my life. What a great team, very professional and very calming. Willing to answer all questions and null all fears. It was that good, we both jumped twice! Absolutely top class day out. Highly recommended.

    thumb Crazychef1975


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