Skydiving Experience Days

Feel like you want to try something new? Want to push yourself? Do you love an adrenaline rush? For a once in a lifetime experience, visit North London Skydiving for one of our amazing, unique experience days!

All of our jumps are from altitudes up to 15,000ft and you will be guided from start to finish by one of our highly professional and qualified instructors. Whether you just need a refresher on safety precautions or a word or two of encouragement when you’re in the air, our team is committed to ensuring that you enjoy your skydive as much as we do. You will freefall for a period of time before your instructor will open the parachute at around 5,000ft. At this point you are free to relax to take in the experience and enjoy the views of your jump. You will then securely land with your instructor in our landing ground.

To make the memories of your amazing sky dive last, our photography and video services can capture your skydiving moment from just £99. Capture your special experience to share with your friends and family.

At North London Skydiving we can offer you the best value for money and skydiving experience days anywhere in the UK. Our all day experience is for anyone to enjoy, why not bring your friends and family along to enjoy the experience with you. After your skydive, you can take part in the other activities we have to offer such as our wind tunnel experience and hovercraft experience. You can then relax after your jam-packed experience in our onsite bar for a celebratory drink!

For more information regarding our skydiving experience days, call us on 01354 699 088 and our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.