Parachute Jumping – Book today!

At North London Skydiving we are passionate about parachute jumping and want you to feel the same too. Our team of experienced and qualified skydivers are here to guide you through the whole process from start to finish, helping you to have a once in a lifetime experience. Our parachute jumping experience is the perfect way to get started in becoming a qualified skydiver or for just a one off experience.

Flying up to 13,000ft in the air, you will be securely strapped to a qualified instructor who will control every element of the parachute jumping. After the free fall, your instructor will open the parachute at around 5,000ft leaving you to relax and enjoy the views and take in the skydive. After steering you safely back to the landing area, you will land securely with your instructor.

At North London Skydiving we are consistent parachute jumpers and we consistently complete more parachute jumps than other centres in the UK. You can relax knowing you are in safe hands with our team. Our Eastern location provides us with great weather for parachute jumping so that when you are jumping you can take in as many of the lovely views as possible. Because of our location, we are also recognised by Sport England as a Significant Area for Sport.
If you are a qualified jumper, you can jump with us from up to 15,000ft for just £18! Our parachute jumping experiences start from only £165, including googles, flights, safety instructions and insurance.

For more information or to book a parachute jump, call our friendly team on 01354 699 088 and we will be happy to help!