Will my first jump count towards any formal qualification?

Yes – it’s the first jump of a training program that can lead to a skydiving licence. As a skydiving centre that believes and encourages progression (rather than just one off jumps) we have a vibrant club membership that you’re welcome to become part of. The age, weight and health requirements for this course are slightly different to tandem skydiving in that the maximum age is 50 and the maximum weight is 14.5 stone (92kg). For over 21 years we have also run an apprenticeship scheme whereby newly qualified skydivers who want to immerse themselves in the sport can live on site free of charge, get paid for the work they do, and increase their jump numbers through a staged training programme that can eventually lead to an instructor rating and a thoroughly rewarding career in the industry. It takes roughly 4 or 5 years of dedication and hard work to obtain an instructor rating and if you’re interested in finding out more please ask to speak to the chief instructor when you attend.

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