Who packs the parachutes?

Who packs the parachutes?
Our team of highly experienced and qualified parachute packers. In order to qualify as a parachute packer you first have to go through a rigorous training programme over many weeks where you’re taught how to pack parachutes under supervision. On reaching the required standard you will then be put forward for your practical packing test - which is a demanding experience overseen by a British Parachute Association approved examiner. If successful you will then awarded your parachute packing certificate allowing you to pack parachutes on your own of the type you were examined on. If you want to pack parachutes of a different type (e.g. reserve parachutes) you will first need to be re-examined on that specific type and have it included in the privileges of your parachute packing certificate. At North London Skydiving Centre we use a staged packing system that incorporates a number of progressive safety checks to ensure our parachutes are always properly packed and airworthy before being released back to service. This system, along with the high levels of professionalism we demand from our Tandem Skydiving Instructors, has given us one of the best safety records in the industry. We’re very proud of this fact and you can be assured safety is always at the top of our agenda.


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