What happens if the weather prevents my jump from taking place?

What happens if the weather prevents my jump from taking place?

You’ll be able to re-book at no extra cost, whenever we have spaces, within a twelve-month period. We’re also unique in offering refunds to those that make a real effort to attend over the period but are constantly held back by the weather.

Further details about this can be found in our tandem jump times and orders document as well as our tandem skydiving terms and contract timeline page.

As a rough guide, throughout the year, we jump on average 60% of the 220 days we open and complete about 5000 tandem jumps. On perfect weather days, we jump around 10 tandems per hour and can sometimes have up to 85 tandems booked in per day.

Alternatively at any time (including if you still haven't managed to complete your jump once your original contract term has finished) you can transfer to our Residential Course under different terms which, for an additional fixed fee, will allow you to stay with us on-site at the airfield on a continuous basis for as long as it takes to get your jump completed – with the added bonus of a full refund if your jump hasn’t been completed within 3 operational days.

It should be noted however that by planning the start of this course around the weather forecast and having you stay on-site the night before ready for an early start, we can more often than not get the jump completed on day one. This is particularly useful for people that are either limited for time or who don’t want to keep travelling to and from the airfield without a guarantee of jumping.

The total fixed price is £295 per person – which includes any money already paid to us at the time, and a skydive from up to 10,000ft.


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