Tandem Skydiving & AFF Courses Near Essex

Would you class yourself as an adrenaline junky? Someone who is always on the lookout for a thrilling activity that is going to make your pulse race? If this sounds like you, you are in the right place! Our tandem skydiving experiences are ideal for you. Located near Essex, we at the North London Skydiving Centre can provide you with one off skydives and accelerate freefall courses which enable you to eventually skydive all on your own. Why not take a look around our site and find out more.

Our Essex tandem skydiving days start from £165. Prices include; instruction, equipment, flights and third party insurance, so all you need to bring with you is some old/casual clothing i.e. trainers, jeans and a top – there’s no catwalk so there is no need to worry about looking your best. On the day of your jump you will also be able to enjoy our other facilities including our hovercraft experience and wind tunnel skydiving. Friends and family are more than welcome to come and watch you jump but please warn them that our Essex skydiving experience is an all-day activity. Food and drink is available on our premises and you are welcome to bring along your own supplies but, alcohol cannot be consumed during jump hours. If you wish to celebrate your skydive, we do have an onsite bar which opens once the last jump has been completed.

Before you jump you will briefed on all the important safety information that you will need to know and kitted out in the appropriate safety gear. If you wear glasses or contact lenses we will also be able to provide you with some special safety glasses. You will then join the aircraft and when it reaches around 13,000 feet, it will be time to jump! Strapped securely to your instructor you will exit the aircraft floating through the air until you reach 5,000 feet where your instructor will open the parachute and steer you to a secure and safe landing.

Due to our location near Essex, we experience some of the best British weather allowing us to complete more jumps each year than any other centre in the UK. Our views are also so incredible that not only will you want to jump again but, you won’t want to jump anywhere else. For more information about our tandem skydiving or to make a booking visit our tandem skydiving page or call us on 01354 699088!